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2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of FISCAL’s annual user conference. This year it will be hosted at The Pentahotel, Reading.

We are delighted to have Rory Coleman, well-known athlete and life coach, who will leave you with the confidence to achieve anything in life, as our Keynote speaker

Benchmarking the Accounts Payable function has taken on a strategic importance in today’s organisation as this most vulnerable area of finance guards the outflow of its cash and transforms itself from task-driven cost centre to automated profit centre.

The challenge now is to identify the AP metrics and KPIs worth measuring to gauge performance as well as to find the appropriate standards which will provide a meaningful comparison and set up the reporting mechanisms to make benchmarking a routine, easy exercise.

Attendees of this free 45-minute session will be leaders in Finance & Procurement wanting to:

•  Understand the immediate benefits of benchmarking to the organisation
•  Learn specifically how benchmarking works, and how it raises Accounts Payable performance
•  Find out the key measurements and calculations needed for optimal benchmarking results

At any given time, the average medium to large organisation is either planning an ERP project or in the midst of one. Intended to accelerate an organisation’s business goals and enhance operational efficiency, ERP projects require a huge investment in time, money and staff resources and represent an extended period of vulnerability and heightened risk while these resources are diverted from day-to-day business operations.

In this webinar, we will examine the key operational risk factors associated with ERP implementations and identify specific ways P2P departments can act to reduce them. Geared for P2P and Finance Systems professionals, this webinar will discuss:

• 10 reasons why ERP implementations fail
• 5 areas of heightened risk for the organisation
• 11 critical success factors which cannot be ignored
• 8 key P2P priorities to protect the organisation during the project


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