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Protect Organisational Spend: safeguard working capital, detect supplier fraud and improve processes.
AP Forensics® is the leading accounts payable audit software that provides a superior ROI. Try it Today >

Visibility & Insight

In an environment of increasing
complexity, finance leaders
are struggling to get the
visibility into their
transactional finance needed
for effective governance.
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  Spend Protection
Leading organisations know
the importance of protecting
and reducing risks to their
assets, whether it be the
company reputation or its
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  Process Improvement
For finance departments under pressure to continually improve, the challenge
comes when the easy
fixes have been made
with automation.
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UK renews local government
fraud prevention strategy as
procurement losses increase
Data analytics is key to fighting
tech-savvy fraud
– KPMG survey
FISCAL Technologies presented
with official Queen's Award
by Lord Lieutenant
Reading, UK - 18th August 2016 Reading, UK - 25th July 2016 Reading, UK - 4th July 2016
Some councils leading the charge
with fraud-detecting forensic

Organisations need to fight
fire with fire and invest in forensic
data monitoring to detect fraud

EY report shows finance executives'
need to use data and analytics to
transform finance

Accounts Payable Audit Software for Duplicate Payments

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